Birthday Wishes for Dad – 71 Happy Birthday Father Quotes

Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad: Father is the most strong pillar of the home who takes all the problems on him and never tells anyone. He stands in front of us whenever our family stuck in any problem. Here are some of the father’s Birthday wishes and quotes that can make his day loving and memorable.

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Happy Birthday Wishes to Dad

We cannot just imagine our life with our dad and he just amazing. Father treats us like our friends and always ready to give solutions to all our problems. This birthday, you should something that your father will never forget in his whole life. Here is the collection of best Happy Birthday wishes for dad/ father. I hope your father will love them.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Father
Happy Birthday Quotes for Father

May God fill your life with a brighter smile and more joy than ever. Happy birthday, dad.

Happy birthday, papa. Many happy returns of the day. I love you more than I can ever tell.

Thank you for always encouraging me, father. Cherish every day with every blessing life has offered you. Happy birthday.

May the coming years of your life be filled with unlimited happiness and joys. Happy birthday to the most amazing dad ever!

You always make me feel safe and secure with your unconditional love. I want more years to spend with you. Happy birthday dad!

You make me feel grateful not only because you are an awesome dad but also because you are a perfect human being. It’s a blessing to be a part of you. Happy birthday father!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad
Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad

Thank you for being the superman in my life. You always made me feel special with your love and care. Happy birthday to dad!

Dear Dad, on your birthday, I want you to know that you are truly an inspiration, a friend, and a teacher to all of us, Happy Birthday!

I feel truly lucky to have such a loving, caring, and encouraging father. Wishing you an entirely peaceful day, full of pleasant and joyful moments!

While everyone was busy looking for a best friend in high school and later on, I knew I have you; thanks for making me feel like that! Happy birthday father!

Wishing to the Almighty for your better health and great days in the future. May you always be happy because you deserve it. Many happy returns of the day, dad.

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Happy birthday, dad! I wish nothing but absolute best for you as this is what you truly deserve! Proud to call me your son!

You have been there for me since the day I was born; I want you to be there for me till my last breath! I love you, daddy, thanks for always believing in me.

You were the one who always told me that I can do the impossible if only I try hard enough, that alone is the reason I am here, happy birthday dad!

Happy Birthday Quotes for Dad

All I wish for you is that we get to spend more time together, that I can have more bonding time with you, and that you keep smiling your happy smile, enjoy your day.

Happy birthday to you, dad, just know that I love you and that I would not know where I am right now if you are not there for me to guide me through it all.

You helped make me who I am! Happy Birthday, Dad.

When I see you smile, the whole world lights up. Thanks for being so great. Happiest birthday dad.”

“I hope that for your birthday every hope, wish, and dream you have comes true today. If anyone deserves such happiness, it would be you. Happy birthday, my loving father.”

“No one brings a smile to my face as much as you do. Your joy, wit, and sparkle are incredibly appreciated, dad. And today is your day. Have a blast, happy birthday!”

“Dad. You have such a free and cheerful spirit. I hope your birthday is as filled with cheer as you are!”

“Whenever I feel like I have lost my way, I know exactly what to do: Call you. Happy birthday, dearest dad.”

“Dad, you are my hero. I wanted to take today to say thank you, I love you, and happy birthday!”

“Thank you, for all the stories you read, all the lessons you taught, and all the patience you had. I love you. Happy birthday, dad!”

“It’s because of you that I strive to be better. Thank you, dad, for believing in me and pushing me to do my best. Wish you a very happy birthday.”

“Yet again, I find myself at a loss trying to come up with the perfect words on your big day, but you already know what I’m about to do before I do it most of the time anyway. Thank you for creating our special bond, happy birthday dearest father.”

“I wait a long 364 days to finally get to this special one when I can wish you a happy birthday and see your big smile.”

“With the joy, I see on your face today; I want to celebrate every day as your birthday. Happy birthday, daddy.”

“Dad, happy birthday to you. I could never find a gift that would measure up to the love you have showered on me.”

“Dear dad, your soul is pure, your heart is priceless, and your wisdom is astounding. Happy growing, happy birthday!”

“Your heart is made of diamonds, and I hope they glitter on you forever, dad. Happy birthday!”

“Blow out the candles with the knowledge that you are the best father a child could ask for! Happy birthday, father!”

“Today, I celebrate you, dad. Thank you for being such an incredibly fun and loving father. I am so proud to be your child. Happy birthday.”

“Daddy, we wish that you stay strong and healthy, responsible and selfless, all for the reason of genuine love for us. Happy birthday!”

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Birthday Messages for Dad from Daughter

Birthday Messages for Father
Birthday Messages for Father

Happy Birthday dad, you are the most amazing man in the whole wide world. I love you so much. I am lucky to be your daughter!

Happy glorious birthday to a father in every way, your kind of love and care would surely elevate any family. We’ll celebrate you, sir.

They say even the nicest ones have their limits, but how come my dad doesn’t have limits. It means he’s nicer than the nicest. Enjoy your special day dad. Love you so much.

A perfect man is who you are, a perfect dad is what you’ve been, no lady or girl can be luckier than I have been. Happy Birthday father. May you be blessed with sound health.

While I was away to college, I missed you so much that you were my favorite reason for losing sleep. Happy Birthday dad. It’s so beautiful to see you again.

Happy Birthday father, you are my greatest hero, you have been there for me through thick and thin and I don’t even know the right way to tell you to thank you. I love you dad!

Dear father, gifts, and hugs cannot express my feelings for you on your birthday, so as a daughter; I decided to put it in words.

I will always be your little girl no matter the age, distance, or know how. I will always love you and be by your side. I love you, dad, enjoy your birthday!

You say you see yourself in me, I hope I live to make you proud dad. I will always cherish our father-daughter moments, I love you!

Of the few people that stood with us when things were really tough, you will always be the number one and we will always hold you in our hearts. Enjoy your special Birthday dad.

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Happy Birthday Messages Father from Son

Happy Birthday Messages Father from Son
Happy Birthday Messages Father from Son

Having you as a father is the best thing I have, I hope someday I will be a father as great as you to my son. Enjoy your birthday dad.

Have the happiest birthday dad; looking up to you makes me one of the luckiest sons alive for I know I have a great role model.

The word love is an understatement to tell of how fatherly you have been to me. Happy Birthday to your special dad. I adore you till old age. Enjoy your special day.

Happy Birthday father, you have imparted and influence me with your personal life. I don’t know if I’ll be a good man without you. May God bless you with perfect health.

You have your flaws dad, but with those flows, you molded me into the man I am today, and I owe you that. Enjoy your birthday, may your desires be met.

I have a father who is great, who teaches me what a man should be and who makes me happy for all his kind deeds and gestures. Enjoy your birthday.

It means so much to me to see the availability of my father every time I need him, a lot of my mates don’t have that privilege. Happy Birthday ever-present father. Love you.

You already know how much you’re loved by every one of us in this family, but today is your glorious day and we appreciate God for your life. Happy Birthday father.

A boy’s best friend is definitely the father, I respect and love you, dad, have the best birthday today, you mean the world to me.

I am thankful that I have a father such as you; you make me the luckiest son in the world for I know I was born off a strong and admired man. Have an unforgettable birthday.

It is so easy to feel safe, loved, and at home with you. Happy birthday to your ever-loving dad. May this day gladden your heart so much. Happy Birthday dad.

Daddies are their child’s first superhero; you have never stopped being my own superhero even at your old age. Happy Birthday to your great dad. God bless your new year.

I would be nothing without you dad, I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you have the most fun on your birthday maybe I’ll learn a trick or two from you old man.

We look so much alike and I now only want that, I want to be the man you are someday. I wish you the best birthday dad, you are my inspiration.

The caring father and the best free giver I’ve ever seen, may your life keep being a joyfully lived one. Happy Birthday Dear Father. Be blessed on this special occasion.

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Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven Quotes

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven Quotes
Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven Quotes

Right from the time you have held me in your arms, up until the day you have sent me off to school, I am holding today all the wonderful memories we shared that made me become the person I am today. Happy bday in heaven, I miss you.

Each time I will offer flowers in your grave, I realize how aromatic you have made my life. I miss you daddy, happy birthday.

Just one more chance, I wish I could get a hug from you dad. And then I will be holding you tightly and won’t ever let you go again, wonderful birthday in heaven.

Best birthday, dad. May this day bring countless happiness and bountiful joy while you celebrate your birthday up there in heaven.

Dad, thank you for teaching me how to be strong. But I am sorry for I let you down especially on the day when you said goodbye. Honestly, I can never be strong enough to acknowledge the fact that you are already gone. Wonderful bday daddy!

Death may have taken you from me. But it does not know that it has actually brought us closer to each other. Thanks for listening to me at night, daddy. Best bday!

Dad, how ironic it is that I have wasted all of these years not listening to your advice. But now that you are not here anymore, I am actually living life exactly how you want me to be. Best bday in heaven, dad!

Every father’s day is also a painful reminder of your absence in my life, dad. I just wish I can still turn back the time and live out the memories of my childhood as if it is a grand celebration, I miss you dad. Have a wonderful birthday!

We may be far from each other now, but sometimes, I feel that you are here with me. It’s maybe because ever since you hold on to my tiny fingers, you have showered me with nothing but only love and care. Best birthday dad, I miss you.

Dear daddy, here we are, gathered in front of you to celebrate your special day. May the heavens rejoice and celebrate your birthday as well. We miss you dad, happy birthday in heaven!

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Dad, your birthday is really special to me. Thank you for all the great memories, wonderful birthday.

So if you love your father then share your love with him and tell him that how much you love him by sharing these birthday quotes with your father.

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